The Bentley Family of the Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia

A Brief History and Genealogy by Robert C. Fisher

1. David Bentley was born ca. 1725 in Connecticut. He married Ann Baldwin, the daughter of Thomas and Ann (Bingham) Baldwin, 1 December 1748, in Norwich, Connecticut. They came to Nova Scotia in 1760 and settled in Cornwallis township, Kings County, as one of the "Planters" who took up lands which had belonged to the Acadians before their expulsion. David Bentley died 13 June 1792 at Cornwallis.

Children of David and Ann (Baldwin) Bentley:

  1. Eunice, b. ca. 1750, m. Peter Pineo Jr.
  2. Anna, b. 3 Oct 1752, m. Daniel Pineo
  3. Asahel, b. 8 Mar 1755, m. Lucy Clark
  4. Phoebe, b. 27 Feb 1758, m. William Pineo
  5. David Baldwin, b. 18 Jan 1761, m. Margaret Webster
  6. James, b. 25 Jul 1763, d. 28 Jul 1763
  7. John, b. 6 Oct 1764, m. Miriam Gillett
  8. Hannah, b. 20 Nov 1767
  9. Eliot, b. 19 Jun 1770
  10. Prudence, b. 10 May 1773, m. Dr. Isaac Webster

2. Asahel Bentley was born 8 March 1755 in Connecticut, the son of David and Ann (Baldwin) Bentley. He married Lucy Clark, 26 May 1778, at Cornwallis. She was born 15 March 1760, the daughter of Asa and Sarah (Hopson) Clark of Cornwallis, formerly of Colchester, Connecticut. Asahel Bentley died 22 November 1825 at Cornwallis.

Children of Asahel and Lucy (Clark) Bentley:

  1. Alice, b. 8 Apr 1779, m. Oliver Woodworth
  2. Anna, b. 2 May 1782, m. John K. Wheaton
  3. Asahel Jr., d. young
  4. Charlotte, b. 16 Apr 1786, d. 2 Oct 1790
  5. George, b. 29 Jun 1788, m. Jane Robertson
  6. William, b. 4 July 1791, m. Ruth Eaton
  7. Sarah, b. 19 Dec 1796

3. George Bentley was born 29 June 1788 at Cornwallis, the son of Asahel and Lucy (Clark) Bentley. He married Jane Robertson about 1810. The names of her parents and date and place of birth are not known. George Bentley died 14 April 1816 at Halifax. Jane (Robertson) Bentley later remarried to John Mayhew Bill on 3 January 1828.

Children of George and Jane (Robertson) Bentley:

  1. Andrew George, b. 18 May 1812, m. Ruth Ells
  2. Asahel, b. 10 Nov 1814, m. Elizabeth Caroline Gesner

4. Asahel Bentley was born 10 November 1814 at Cornwallis, the son of George and Jane (Robertson) Bentley. He married Elizabeth Caroline Gesner, 14 March 1838, in Cornwallis. She was born 9 September 1819 at Cornwallis, the daughter of John Henry and Mary Lydia (Chase) Gesner. She died 27 March 1871 and was buried in Jaw Bone Corner Cemetery at Canard in Cornwallis township. Asahel Bentley married his second wife, Roxanna Sanford, on 2 February 1874 at Pereau in Kings County. She was born about 1844, the daughter of Charles and Rebecca Sanford. Asahel Bentley died 21 February 1900 at Cornwallis.

Children of Asahel and Elizabeth Caroline (Gesner) Bentley:

  1. Maria Jane, b. 14 May 1839, m. John Alexander Borden
  2. George Gesner, b. 22 Dec 1840, m. Charlotte Randall
  3. Elizabeth Catherine, b. Apr 1842, m. Ephraim Terry
  4. Abram Stronach, b. 8 Sep 1844, m. Annie Robbins
  5. John Henry, b. 26 Jan 1847, m. Alice Alberta Lockhart
  6. Sophia Rebecca, b. 6 Dec 1849, m. James Everett Eaton
  7. William Burpee, b. 4 Nov 1853
  8. Stephen Morine, b. 26 Oct 1857, m. Anna Laura Harris

Children of Asahel and Roxanna (Sanford) Bentley:

  1. Avery Longley, b. 27 Aug 1875
  2. Lucy Annabelle, b. 31 Jan 1877, m. Clarence E. Sherry
  3. Laura Louise, b. 22 Nov 1879
  4. Bradford Starr, b. 29 Sep 1881

5. Abram Stronach Bentley was born 8 September 1844 at Billtown in Cornwallis township, the son of Asahel and Elizabeth Caroline (Gesner) Bentley. He married Sarah Ann Robbins, 27 June 1865, at Canning in Cornwallis township. She was born 11 August 1839 at Yarmouth, the daughter of John and Sarah Ann (Cornwell) Robbins. Annie Robbins died 25 January 1930 at Middleton, Nova Scotia and was buried in Pine Grove Cemetery there. Abram Stronach Bentley died 4 August 1932 at Middleton or Berwick, Nova Scotia and was buried beside his wife.

Abram Stronach Bentley farmed at Sheffield Mills and Canning. About 1882 he moved to Berwick and developed a large orchard becoming one of the leading apple growers in the Annapolis Valley. They were members of the Canning Baptist Church and the Berwick Baptist Church.

Children of Abram Stronach and Annie (Robbins) Bentley:

  1. Byron Havelock, b. 27 Mar 1866, m. Ethel [surname unknown]
  2. Frederick Eugene, b. 1 Sep 1867, m. Mary Elizabeth Marshall
  3. Charles Asahel, b. 22 Jun 1870, m. Edith Macdonald
  4. Florence Lavinia, b. 27 Sep 1877, m. Robert Stanley Gullivan

6. Frederick Eugene Bentley was born 1 September 1867 at Sheffield Mills in Cornwallis township, the son of Abram Stronach and Annie (Robbins) Bentley. He married Mary Elizabeth Marshall, 15 November 1899, in Middleton. She was born 17 September 1873 in Outram near Middleton, the daughter of Charles and Lenora (Brown) Marshall. Frederick E. Bentley died 22 October 1954 in Middleton and was buried in Pine Grove Cemetery there. Mary (Marshall) Bentley died 14 August 1970 in Middleton and was buried beside her husband.

Frederick E. Bentley graduated from the Maritime Business College and moved to Middleton where he started a dry goods business. He kept the store until about 1940 when he became a partner in an insurance agency. He served as Mayor of Middleton and on the town council for many years. He was an avid baseball player and managed the star Middleton baseball teams of the early 1920s. The family belonged to the Middleton Baptist Church.

Children of Frederick Eugene and Mary Elizabeth (Marshall) Bentley:

  1. Annie Bernice, b. 17 Aug 1900, m. Carl Young Fisher
  2. Charles Hubert, b. 15 Apr 1907, m. Rachel Bevan
  3. Doris Leah, b. 14 Jul 1910, m. Donald MacKay Allan, 13 Jun 1959

7. Annie Bernice Bentley was born 17 August 1900 in Middleton, the daughter of Frederick Eugene and Mary Elizabeth (Marshall) Bentley. She married Carl Young Fisher, 19 October 1927, in Middleton Baptist Church. He was born 24 April 1901 in Middleton, the son of Charles Frederick and Sarah (Young) Fisher. He died 28 February 1941 at Middleton and was buried in Pine Grove Cemetery there. Bernice (Bentley) Fisher died 14 February 1992 at Truro, Nova Scotia and was buried in Pine Grove Cemetery.

Children of Carl Young and Bernice (Bentley) Fisher:

  1. Frederick Bentley,
  2. Neil Hubert

7. Charles Hubert Bentley was born 15 April 1907 at Middleton, the son of Frederick Eugene and Mary Elizabeth (Marshall) Bentley. He married Rachel Bevan, 17 June 1939, in England. Hubert Bentley died 16 June 1984 at Halifax and was buried in Pine Grove Cemetery at Middleton. Rachel (Bevan) Bentley died in December 2001 in Oakville, Ontario.

Children of Hubert and Rachel (Bevan) Bentley:

  1. Elizabeth Anne, m. William Kenneth Jones
  2. Mary Patricia

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